The first update for Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic is out — the POWERS update includes many new features that enrich the existing Natural Magic campaign!

This update includes many things from our own list of features combined with popular requests from the community (thank you for the feedback!)…

We are psyched to release an update for Quest and Quest 2 with big improvements, and pleased to release our comparison media to showcase the many differences.

With Quest 2’s processing power we’ve made the world more believable with real-time lights and true post-processing bloom for realistic glow effects, more…

Aldin’s CEO Hrafn Thorisson recently held a talk at the UT Messan conference in Iceland that got people laughing and dreaming about the many ways VR, AR and AI are connected. The talk is on the lighter side, offering an overview of various different concepts and how companies like Aldin are designed for the new and unique features that the medium has to offer.

The talk touches on a number of Aldin technologies, like Physical Presence & Behavior Analysis, using examples from our experiences to demonstrate the fundamental shift in the way we interact with computers and how VR/AR can drive entirely new forms of experiences.

We hope you enjoy!


Making fantasies feel real through believable virtual realities.

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