Change the World is live on Steam!

4 min readNov 21, 2022

Waltz of the Wizard — Change the World, is now live on Steam, available to all our existing users free of charge!

Change the World puts voice interaction at the center of the experience. At the heart of the update are new kinds of voice powers that give you abilities to change the virtual world to your liking, with a spoken word and wave of your hand. Hundreds of voice commands now let you control your magic particles, summon objects or even characters just by speaking their name; change sizes, your strength, your size, object physics properties like bounciness, weight or even pitch of audio to make characters sound squeaky. Voice magic is a groundbreaking feature that makes anyone able to make the experience their own, completely intuitively.

Steam VR release highlights

  • Powers to Change the World— Voice can be used everywhere, with hundreds of voice commands that let you summon objects, change physical properties like making anything huge or tiny, super bouncy, animate them and play with magic physics in any way you want.
Spawn a hundred drones, anywhere, at anytime!
  • SteamVR/PC Specific — Improved texture resolutions, post processing bloom effects and unleash the power of your PC with the ability to summon over a hundred things, enemies and weapons!
New and improved environments with high resolution textures and post processing effects
  • Fortress — Added much more variety to levels with new environments, ability to use all kinds of magic in the Fortress using voice such as Air Drawing to create your own weapons or making yourself a giant, to name a few.
Use voice at any time to draw a weapon to get out of tricky situations
  • Infinite Mode — The Fortress has a new mode that lets you generate an infinite number of new random levels.
The portal circle machine switches between the linear Fortress story and Infinite Mode
  • Enemies — Tweaked enemy vision and hearing to take better into account what the user is doing. If you are sneaky enough you might just catch them unaware!
Have fun playing with a giant automaton in the Tower
  • Voice Suggestions — Use “What can I say” for voice suggestions to learn all the huge variety of voice commands.
  • Tower Spells — All tower spells can be activated everywhere with voice.
Summon over 100 butterflies in an instant, anywhere!
  • Sticker Board — A new sticker-board keeps track of the many things you can experience.
A new collectable sticker-board keeps track of magical activities!
  • Wards — Progress through four new magical wards to unlock all parts of the experience.
Wards need to be unlocked to gain access to areas
  • Teleport anywhere, anytime — Instantly teleport to all parts of the Waltz world using the voice command like “Take me to the Trainstop”
Instantly teleport to all parts of the Waltz world using the voice command like “Take me to the Trainstop”
  • Courtyard — Expanded and redesigned with new activities and secrets.
Create crazy challenges like summoning 100 drones to battle and that’s no walk in the park!
  • … and lots and lots of bug fixes and improvements.

Big thanks to all of our users ❤️

We hope you find Change the World continues to deliver our goal of making fantasy feel like reality. For more details on Change the World read our announcement blog post.




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